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Cricket terminology: for when a spin bowler bowls a ball out of the back of his hand which spins the opposite way to the way it normally spins. (I think it's actually spelt googly but pronounced the same.)
Shane Warne is a master of the googly and it gets him many wickets
by Wissboy July 08, 2004
(adj) (pronunciation: goo-glee) A fluttery thing that happens to a person or body part when near or around a person who is either attractive or the object of one’s desire.
Every time the actor looks at her I can see her getting all googlie eyed.
by Reybeez July 21, 2005
Male clothing equivalent to a female sports bra worn backward over the private parts...
Peter looked damn sexy wearing his googlie in the pool
by Whookid January 09, 2004
Being smitten by a girl but not having the balls to tell her.
Eugene is really googlie around her.
by thomas vaclavege January 05, 2000
Sporting term used in the game of cricket. When the bowler bowls the cricket ball low, aimed at the bottom of the wicket ,well into the batsmans foot area, and makes it very difficult for the batsman to play a stroke.
"The batsman was bowled by the perfect googley"
The bowler delivered an excellent googlie. The batsman was bowled by the bowlers googlie.
by Freddie H September 16, 2006
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