A gesture one makes to display one's utter disapproval or disgust with something a nearby girl has just done...or because she is ugly.

The gesture includes distorting one's face and extending an arm partially out, palm up, and pointing awkwardly.
I totally had to googly her after that last comment.
Dude, that chick is so fat and ugly, she almost deserves a double googly.
by Gracie Chi May 10, 2008
Top Definition
Cricket terminology: for when a spin bowler bowls a ball out of the back of his hand which spins the opposite way to the way it normally spins. (Maybe spelt googlie but pronounced the same.)
Shane Warne is a master of the googly and it gets him many wickets.
by Wissboy July 08, 2004
something/someone cuter than the charlie bit my finger kid
Alberto's so googly I wanna stick him in my pocket and take him everywhere I go
by Mrs.Googly April 18, 2009
(n) (pronunciation: goo-gleez) The fluttery feeling a person gets when they're near someone they are either attracted to or a huge fan of. (also check googlie for a similar vernacular and usage)
Every time I'm around her, I get the googlies.
by Reybeez July 21, 2005
A person who is clumsy and disoriented, resulting in them making a fool out of themselves.
Did you see him bump into the goalpost? he's so googly.
by Jebus2151 June 13, 2012
when things are juxtaposed so wildly they seem to deceptively bounce like balls bowling across the cricket field.
The coo-coo for coco puffs bird gets googly looking eyes whenever he sees his favorite cereal.
by Ashfarlane December 15, 2011
describes couples that are effusively and disgustingly gooey. the type that you see in public places but wish you did not see in public places. typical behavior includes batting your eyes against your partner's cheek ("butterfly kisses"), slow dancing in the dark on a beach, cuddling, cooing, kissing, twitterpating, oozing, and doing all other things googly.

(n) goog
(v) to google
look at that couple feeding each other milk duds over there! so googly...
by blondieslan July 08, 2011
googly |ˈgoōglē|

Used to describe the texture of a soft boiled (runny) egg
eg. The eggs were delicious and googly
by Egglady April 24, 2010
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