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To take something that looks good and is in good working order and mess it up. Past Tense
Man, you really googled that up!
by crimsontider July 03, 2010
4 7
When a web site pimps itself out cheap to Google ads for cash rather than sell advertising the old fashioned way.
Shit, urbanDictionary.com Googled itself.
by yeah sure not May 15, 2009
2 8
Another word for "pwned" or "served". Comes from the google verses yahoo competition, where google *clearly* always wins.
Guy 1: Woah, that show off just fell on his butt!
by merrillhxo December 31, 2009
0 8
When a man ejaculates into both eyes of a woman/ sex partner and then uses his sperm to make a "G" on the side of the sex partners head causing the sex partners head appear to say "google: using the cheek bone, face and ear to finish the word
I googled that bitches face
by /shortys April 02, 2009
11 20
To totally screw something up.
1. I googled up my laptop after patching it.

2. My car is totally googled up after that accident.
by Jonathan Wetter August 11, 2008
8 20
Having a brilliant rompin' shag with someone who works at Google. Google peeps are pretty hot real estate and the competition to be "googled" is fierce.
I texted Ann the morning after to find out if she got googled. She replied and said nice girls don't get googled, and its a good thing I am not a nice girl....Yes, it was brilliant.
by demanda September 07, 2007
9 30
When someone checks you out.
The Name for goin to check for some pussy.
That girl just googled me.
Ill goin to have a quick 'google' murt.
by Jezmundo May 14, 2005
13 43