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A malapropism old people use when referring to Google.
"So I put it in the address bar and it took me to Googer."
by aliquidparadigm August 20, 2009
One who is funny in an immature way or one who is doing something poorly. It can also be used as an interjection. You may also use it when you can think of a word to describe something.
John just pulled the fire alarm, what a googer.

Bwaa! George nosedived out of the office building!

It's just so, so, googer.
by Aaron- October 10, 2005
a really awkward situation, when someone does something or says something that is not remotely funny. Also has the meaning describing a person as being weird in nature and does awkward things without thinking.
When Aloysius told his joke, the whole room went silent. What a googer.
by foxtrot1234 May 04, 2010
A cougar-like space mummy. So small it's almost invisable.
Mason looked through his telescope and swore he saw a googer!
by spankymcfarlin September 21, 2008
A Weed smoker who traded his Google stocks for dick weed Bonds.
"Hey, Trader Joe sells this new organic veggie bbq... it's called BBQ GooG!!!"
"I'm trading in my stupid Google stocks for dick weed Bonds!"

"Sell low, buy low, stay low!"
"I think I am Incredible. This is Fuckin Awesome!!!"
"GooG ER!!!!"
The basis for our entire existance. (If you understand that you must know me, or one of "us")
Googer, googer goo-ger McDooger.
by "Remix" Steve November 07, 2003
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