To get drunk and or stoned.
Marked by acting out of control or just extremely out of it.
"She was at the concert last night - totally googed !"
by MJM's sista April 29, 2007
Top Definition
to be under the influence of an ecstasy pill
he was googed the other night trew??
by MC factor April 04, 2009
to violently ejaculate or any negative connotation towards ooey, gooey, sticky stuff.
Last night, he googed all over my face.

I put on my sweatshirt and there was googe all over the front.
by keriannthology March 04, 2010
To see a page of crap unrelated to your obscured ass search for something while using Google to do so. This commonly occurs for etards.
I tried to do research for that report and got googed with everything I tried.
by drd79 January 04, 2010
(When used by a man) To put a woman in her place by justly correcting unintelligible emotional confusion with sound logic and reason.
Jenny complained to John and Joe that her crying made sense because if her boyfriend Bob is happy with their relationship he should not want to go to the gym. John explained, calmy and logically, how this made no sense and she should seek therapy. Jenny asks Joe to explain what John's trying to say. Jim clarifies to her "You just got googed."
by Shag Speedman January 17, 2012
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