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1.A goof; silly person; random.

Note: This word was made up by Colin M. to discribe his lovely girlfriend, Bridgette... because she is a complete goof.
Bridgette, you are such a goofer!
by beepdebee April 16, 2007
Someone who is obnoxious, goofy, loud, or just plain does stupid shit. Usually acts out on a daily basis.
Dude, that kid at the movies was a Goofer, he wouldn't shut up.

I swear to god Alan, if you keep being such a Goofer ill beat your ass.
by John-Jacob-Jingleheimer-Schmit October 04, 2008
Nitrous charger aka "whip its"
These goofers got a brotha feeling good
by diamond aka "The Truth" March 09, 2011
How much for them goofers?
by WordBaller March 06, 2011
someone who is "goofy".
ie. they goof up regularly.
James Rowell got a new diesel car and filled it up with petrol. What a goofer.
by woodpidgeon September 18, 2003

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