A word often used sarcastically when something goes wrong.
*Tom slips and falls down a hole*
Tom: "goooooood!"

*Tom looks at his test, he got 3% correct*
by where am i? March 05, 2005
A word you answer when someone asks, "How's it going?" and you don't want to answer, "Not really that well...", because they will ask, "WHAT'S WRONG??", And even though you don't want to answer them, you will for the next 30 minutes.
OR, if you don't want to answer them, they will keep bugging you about it until you DO tell them.
"Hey, how's it going?", Brett asked Wilford, who was passing in the hall.
"Good," He replied, because he didn't want to tell him that everything was going absolutely wrong, and to avoid a very long and awkward conversation.
by Wilford Bentley January 05, 2009
a guys goods are his package.
Joe said, after a long night, "clarks goods were so small, that they barely fit!"
by brian badass May 18, 2005
the bomb chronic; that shit that have you on stuck
"A where that good at"
"i don't smoke stress i only smoke that good"

cali slang
by mello December 11, 2003
Introduced in 2009, this term was derived from the Wedding Crasher's quote: "Good! GOOD! More for me and you" (motion picture 2005)

Initially, it was quoted in context for any appropriate situation (ie "Oscar will not be joining us for lunch today" .."Good! Good! More for me and you")

However, over time this phrase was condensed to "Good! Good!" to express any form of delight or enjoyment.

Currently, the term is a simple "GOOD", most effective when yelled or used in inappropriate situations.

Please note, this is a very contagious expression that may begin in confusing drunken banter and result in thousands of people using it regularly. GOOD!
"Your total comes to $39.50, thanks"

"What do you think of bailing on the lecture and heading to the uni bar..?"

"So I'll see you later, then?"
by Lochnessa September 14, 2009
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