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when a girl or good is extrememly great in bed. pretty much the best sex you've ever had.

for a girl, its a combination of having aquafina flow and ridicoulusly tight skills.

for a guy, its when your dick is just that good and your stroke is on point.

also can be a shortened form of good dick/ good pussy.
"Man, I got that good!"

"Damn man, I hooked up with Tonya last night. That girl got that good!"

"Mike stay beating it up, that nucca got that good!"
by Missy Ma'am April 29, 2007
Abbreviation for Get Out Of Our Dream.
"You heard that song G.O.O.D. Friday? Bro it's hella dope."
by djmarlsbarkley September 12, 2010
The kind of person who has weed
Pothead: Are you good?
by ForReasonsOtherThan November 06, 2007
It means that you don't care at all and you just want to piss the other person off.
"Hey, what have you been up to today?"
by i'm glad April 01, 2003
State of being narcissistic
I'm too good for you
by Gerald Ford January 03, 2008
sorta classic nickelodeon style.... when you put goo on someone they're good
*splash!* dood youve just been goo'd!
by Joannah-actyle December 09, 2006
A term used as part of an welcoming phrase.
What's good, my homey?
by Jadin August 16, 2006