sorta classic nickelodeon style.... when you put goo on someone they're good
*splash!* dood youve just been goo'd!
by Joannah-actyle December 09, 2006
The ultiment come back, no matter what somone says all you have to say is good and they don't say anything back...I mean what can they say?
Gosh Jordan you such a loser! GOOD!
by Bliton7 May 08, 2006
High grade weed
Drugdealer: hey man you need any weed i got some good.
Man: yeah what kind of good is it?
by Weedman89 June 02, 2009
A great nickname for your twig & berries.
Slow down this fucking golf cart! My goods are bouncing all over the place!
by Big Chimper July 16, 2003
a term for a good looking person. Can be used as an adjective or noun.
Girl 1: "Woah, did you check out that flirty mcblue eyes?"
Girl 2: "Was he a good?"
Girl 1: "Pfft, oh yeah."
by isneezeconfetti March 24, 2009
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