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Term used to describe quality. Especially with clandestinely manufactured drugs.
I got that Good Good.
by Clipper June 16, 2004
after a night of heavy drinking, eating, etc., the act of waking up the next morning and taking the most violent, earth-shattering dump, in which it sprays the walls of the crapper with the powerful force of a fire hose!!!
"oh man, i must have had like fifteen heinekens last night before we got those chili cheese dogs....uh-oh...i'll be right back...."
by clipper February 09, 2004
Used to describe quality. Especially common with drugs that are smoked.
That's that fire.
I got the fire.
by Clipper June 16, 2004
Mangina or Man-gina would be gay slang for anus, ass or man-cunt. Often used on the leather scene but on the whole it is a generic term for a guy's butt hole.
that guy gets so much action his man-gina is like a inner tube.
by Clipper October 19, 2004

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