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Area between one's rectal opening and scrotum. Often smells like a mix of ballsweat and ass-wine. Extreme perspiration causes unneccesary irritation.
I can never sit still on a hot summer day because my gooche always pisses me off.
by Gooche May 11, 2004
The space between ones genitals and ones poo pot.
This one time, i wiped my ass the wrong way and all this shit got smeared on my gooche! it sucked!
by joshman October 03, 2003
Noun: The area between the scrotum and the anal sphincter
Verb: To poke said area with one's hand or an implement, the latter is known as an implement gooche.
1. "Argh! My Gooche Hurts"
2. "I'm Gonna Gooche The Shit Outa You!"
A new word created by 2 girls in their Aparrel Development class in Goldsboro,NC.
We normally use it as a substitute for 'douchebag' or just basically calling someone a loser.
Nat: hahaha dude, what the fuck does does that guy have on??

Cat: haha, i don't know but he looks like a gooche!

Nat: hahaha, you just called him a gooche!

Cat: God we're so badass!
by God I'm so awesomeee! October 04, 2009
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