someone who uses a lot of curse words and talks about gross things.
gooble: "fuck you you pussy ass whore!"
normal person: "stfu you gooble!"
by hanorexic April 18, 2007
Top Definition
man or boy who is amateur,but pretend to be mature.No or less experienced.
jim-what? u want me to work with that gooble,no way dude.
by ADYAKA February 07, 2010
a small child, older than a toddler but not quite yet civilized
The birthday party at the nursery school was swarming with goobles.
by Clovis14 January 26, 2007
Origin - Hobo sign reading "HELP GODBLESS" which had a misshapen D. The sign clearly read "HELP GOOBLESS"

Goobles are the homeless people (hobos) that stand around at intersections asking for money. Often times they carry a card-board sign and a backpack with their lives inside.

Goobles live in the woods and come out during peak traffic to take your money.
"Oh shit the goobles are at this light. Don't make eye contact or they'll take your money!"
by ZackP March 15, 2008
The worst character on yo gabba gabba
Plex: Be nice to Gooble

(Disco tron 3000 from PVZ 2 arrives and eats Plex's brains)

(Nimrod from strange hill high kills Gooble and then Blu, Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, Anger, Blanky, Toaster, Lampy, Kirby and Radio feed upon his corpse).
by Brooke hayes 4ever21 May 29, 2016
unidentified substance, object, smell, ect.
"ewwww!!! i just put my hand in some kind of gooble."
"your such a...GOOBLE!"
by kco January 13, 2006
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