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an all boys private school located in the heart of washington dc. home to the purple eagles the school is known for its greatness in sports especially hockey and football. the boys at the school tend to get many hott women and tend to have the best parties. the school is 100x better than any in the area including: georgetown prep, dematha, st stephens and st agnes, episcopal(if they count), tc williams, and many more
that boy is so well rounded he must attend GONZAGA HIGHSCHOOL
by AB November 02, 2004
guys are incredibly gorgeous there.
girl: omg that prep guy is hot
girl 2: no! that one from gonzaga is hotter
girl: omg you're right
by ilovebritneyspears March 29, 2005
Gonzaga College High School is known for having guys that are more sweet and chill than any other school in the area. The dip excessivley, and hook up with the hottest chicks.
Guy 1: That Gonzaga guy over there is hooking up with that girl and he has a dip in.
Guy 2: What a pimp!
by The Gooch December 02, 2004
stttteeeevvveee you're an idiot. just because other schools have class and don't shout things like "faggots faggots" at games doesn't make you cool... even though you obviously think it does. i got to pvi and we dont shout faggots either because we arent gay like you.
So basically any school is better than o'connHell.
by oconnellsucks May 02, 2005
An all boys prep school located in the heart of D.C.. Gonzaga is known for its enormous amount of homosexual students. Its color is purple and no student at Gonzaga has balls big enough to do anything when harassed or made fun of.
"hey, faggot in the purple! yea you, you're gay!"
"stop that guys, i just want to buy my mocha"
by Cox March 28, 2005
Gonzaga is a school for fruits. People who are gay, rich, stuck up preppies attend this queerass purple school. They like to pop their collars like it's "hot" but in reality, they're a bunch of fuckin preps that need to stop teabagging people. Oh and purple is gay, so is pink, fuckin stop the pink poloshirts you Zagfags.
Man, I'm glad I don't go to to Gonzaga, those fags would toss my salad like it got stuck in a drier.
by Fuckthat March 04, 2005
A dump school for St. Anselm's.
You failed out of St. Anselm's? You can go to Gonzaga.
by Charles February 27, 2005

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