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To strike the male genetalia quickly and unexpectedly with the back of ones hand, using a whipping motion. This is usually follwed by laughing and pointing.

Striking of the scrotum is more effective than striking of the penis.
So here I was at this party trying to spit game to this girl and Jeff walks by and jimmytaps me hard as shit. Needless to say, after I got up, I chased him down and beat the shit out of him.
by Cox January 18, 2004
Queef, used in any sentence ever written.perhaps in name calling, exageration, question, and basically can take the place of any use of the word "fuck".. also can be spelt in many different ways.. kaweef, coef, quoef, cuef, ect.
You queef head!
It was queefing Huge!
what the queef?
by Cox April 25, 2003
when ass/boobs giggle when hot girls walk by
"She got an 'A' in physics" or "Check out the physics over there" or "The Physics at our school sucks"
by cox March 10, 2005
An all boys prep school located in the heart of D.C.. Gonzaga is known for its enormous amount of homosexual students. Its color is purple and no student at Gonzaga has balls big enough to do anything when harassed or made fun of.
"hey, faggot in the purple! yea you, you're gay!"
"stop that guys, i just want to buy my mocha"
by Cox March 28, 2005

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