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Underwear - usually tighty whities with a stretched elastic and bearing the marks of a quarter mile dragstrip which are fuckin unbleachable. Usually vyach just waits til they disintigrate to chuck em. a key and necessary element in gonch pulls.

aka gawnch or gonchies
ewwwwww, whose immigrant gonch???
by Dexter March 26, 2003
A hairy. Nasty .hangy.vagina.
Mostly used in the eighties doesn't get much play these days.
That strippers gonch is gone like yesterday.
by kappatappakilla June 07, 2016
Just Gonch. He's too amazing for a definition. Period. An all around playa.

by legonch September 11, 2014
A disease or infection of unknown origin, usually sexually transmitted
Ah man, looks like I've got the gonch

What Happened to that girl?
Shes got the gonch
by Seitanic March 13, 2010
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