Meaning "GET OFF MYSPACE" short term for if you keep on going on myspace for 2 hours every day you would say GOM!
Juan: Why are you still on myspace??
Jenny: Because i feel like it!
Juan: But you go on every day for 2 hours?
Jenny: So whats your point??
Juan: Bitch GOM!!
Jenny: Okay bye!!
#gom #g.o.m #myspace #biatch #you remind me of coccain and dudu stains
by marco 123 February 02, 2008
Top Definition
In Ireland a Gom is a fool.
It comes from the Irish gamallóg, I imagine.
That man's a total gom.
by Gearóid Ó Laoi April 25, 2005
'GOM' (girl over mates) is a noun that refers to a man who places the needs and requirements of his chosen female (girlfriend, f*ck buddy, wife etc.) before those of his friends. The term, in almost 100% of cases, is used in derogatory terms and is an insult of the highest order. Denying the pertaining to being a 'GOM' however is nigh-on impossible and is most often begrudgingly admitted and indeed adopted by the offender.

'GOMming', the accompanying verb to 'GOM', is the practice of spending time with said female. Originally, the term 'GOMming' was only used (again in inflammatory fashion) whence the 'GOM' in question was sacrificing spare time to entertain his ladyfriend in place of his friends. The term has since transgressed, and any time spent with a female, whether in place of time with his friends or not, is considered 'GOMming'.

In recent times, the terms 'GOM' and 'GOMming', due to their offensive magnitude, have become ongoing slurs towards those not currently offending but with a history of doing so. Scholars now maintain that being a 'GOM' or indeed 'GOMming' are not individual occurrences or practices, more a 'mindset, attitude, and a way of life'. The term is incredibly difficult to shake and has is known to cause sever psychological damage to those sullied by it's use.

Other uses include: GOM off, GOMming 'ell, GOMtastic, il GOMmeri (Italian), and GOMpig (used in only the most extreme circumstances).
Example 1:
Mattheu: "Chris are you out tonight"?
Chris: "Sorry Mattieu, I'm GOMming tonight".
Mattieu: "You fu*king waste. Lads! Chris can't come out tonight because he's GOMming".
Chris: "I'm out tomorrow night mate! The gf is on at the moment, gotta keep her sweet".
Mattieu: "I hope you catch clap you cretin".

Example 2:

Fred: "Wubble when on God's green Earth can we hang out?".
Wubble: "Soon my good man; I have been incredibly busy with work and my new football team".
Fred: "Any danger of you not GOMming for one minute?".
Wubble: "I'm not GOMming; Fred I've been single for nearly a year!".
Fred: "Once a GOM, always a GOM. You sicken me".
#gom #gomming #girlfriend #girl over mates #girlfriend over mates #gf #gf over mates #gom off #gomming 'ell #il gommeri #gomtastic #gom waste #gommy
by Wubblepig August 02, 2013
A Southern U.S. term for a mess.
Don't gom up that house you little bastards!
#mess #disaster area #clusterfuck #like a cyclone hit it #shitstorm
by 21st Century Soothsayer April 04, 2010
BDSM sexual practice of G.O.M. "Glove Over Mouth" - placing a gloved hand over the mouth of someone during sex used for control and breath control. Typically, police search gloves are used but any type of glove can be a turn on.
Profile description - "I am into leather, cigars, boots, uniforms, GOM, and the usual range of sexual activities"
#glove #fetish #bdsm #breath control #erotic asphyxiation
by WOOFATL July 09, 2013
'Grumpy Old Man'

An English saying which refers to an older male who is known to be stringant with money and who is often bad tempered.
'Steve, you're turning into a real GOM'.
#gom #grumpy #tight #bad tempered #man
by Mrs Speake August 24, 2010
Get out of my shop
"Oh god, here come some GOMS."

"Adam, can you sort these GOMS out for me?"

"I needed to go into the back for a piss, but instead had to deal with some douchébag GOMS"

Also available - GOMFS.
#get out me shop #goms #get the fuck out of my shop #timewasters #gomfs
by GOMS_hater September 17, 2010
G.O.M.S acronym for Grumpy old Man syndrome, ofen found in teachers, and rich grandfathers.
''damn that guy is mean, he must have GOMS''
#goms #grumpy #old #man #syndrom #funny #lol
by GOOBLE PLEASE February 19, 2010
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