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Meaning: dragonfly

In some regions of the Appalachian mountains, it is believed that the presence of a snake doctor means that a snake is nearby.
Y'all watch your steps, there's a snake doctor a-flyin' by that rock there.
by AppWill July 24, 2009
adjective used to describe people displaying a lack of sophistication or cleanliness, found in parts of GA, USA
I wouldn't buy that blanket from her Jim. That whole bunch just seems kromerish to me.
by AppWill July 25, 2009
verb (found mostly in Appalachia, transitive): to make disorderly, unclean, messy

Related to British word : gahm(v): to cover in grease
Lord, you young'uns have gommed up the whole damnedhouse!
by AppWill July 26, 2009
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