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Abbreviation for Get Off Me, usually used by gamers after making a noob move (beginner, bad, or stupid mistake) having the equivalent of my bad, back off, or leave me alone. The full word is used by some gamers in RL as an inside joke.
"Dude, why didn't you snipe that noob, you just let him walk by and frag me, and I dropped the flag."

by Tyler Chaves November 12, 2007
Simply means "Get off my screen"
"bald Britney Spears, GOMS!"
by Jesssssssss1 September 03, 2007
v. intr.

1. To act wastefully or foolishly

2. To make a mistake; bungle something.


1. person who acts wastefully or fullishly.
"I'd let Matt give out directions for the party, but he'd gom it up for sure!"
by Jarrod Lowe January 16, 2005
Get Out of My Sight. A phrase used when you are so embarassed by, disappointed in, or fed up with someone you can't even bear to look at them.
~Two Pokemon fans at a Halloween party~

Jen: Hey, cool Ash Ketchum costume!
Ben: I'm not Ash, I'm Red. ...You know, from Pokemon Red and Blue?
Jen: That's what I said. You're Ash.
Ben: You know what? GOMS. Just... get away.
by Not Rick November 28, 2012
GOMS stands for 'Get On My Swing', originating from the well known swing-fetish. Most commonly used when seeing a very attractive person, but also used in other circumstances i.e. to express love for an object or more often a food.
Girl: "OMG check out that guy! Totally GOMS!"

Person: "That ice cream was definitely GOMS."
by putney_gurl July 24, 2012
is telling a hater to "GET OFF MY SCREEN".
George : Yo I Listen to your music page it alright

Martian : Alright? whatever family that's your opinion GOMS
George : GOMS what's that suppose to mean?
Martian : GET OFF MY SCREEN bye hater
by Only Few Get Selected Martian October 05, 2011
Term for "Get of my sack" Useful when someone is pissing you off, busting your balls or you just want them to get the fuck away.
Teacher- Do your homework
Kid- GoMS!
by BallBuster2.0 September 11, 2011