'Grumpy Old Man'

An English saying which refers to an older male who is known to be stringant with money and who is often bad tempered.
'Steve, you're turning into a real GOM'.
by Mrs Speake August 24, 2010
G.O.M.S acronym for Grumpy old Man syndrome, ofen found in teachers, and rich grandfathers.
''damn that guy is mean, he must have GOMS''
by GOOBLE PLEASE February 19, 2010
Abbreviation for Get Off Me, usually used by gamers after making a noob move (beginner, bad, or stupid mistake) having the equivalent of my bad, back off, or leave me alone. The full word is used by some gamers in RL as an inside joke.
"Dude, why didn't you snipe that noob, you just let him walk by and frag me, and I dropped the flag."

by Tyler Chaves November 12, 2007
Simply means "Get off my screen"
"bald Britney Spears, GOMS!"
by Jesssssssss1 September 03, 2007
Acronym for "Go On My Son!" - an exclamation when a character in real life or fiction attempts, or succeeds, at a heroic task.
When Johnny 5 was trying to catch the bad guy in Short Circuit 2 it was a real GOMS moment.
by OzMills July 17, 2009
To shit ones pants,
Geez kid you need a diaper change you have gommed yourself.
by Crazybull April 27, 2009
A GOM (G.O.M) status is a facebook status about ones girlfriend. GOM = Girlfriend over mates.
John "just had a great time with Maisie"
Ted comments: damn your GOM status! Are you still a big fan of Muse?
John comments: Of course! Muse are the best fucking band in the world, mixing contemporary rock with classicaly influnced solos and horribly distorted basslines.
by JackDrews January 28, 2009

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