verb (found mostly in Appalachia, transitive): to make disorderly, unclean, messy

Related to British word : gahm(v): to cover in grease
Lord, you young'uns have gommed up the whole damnedhouse!
by AppWill July 26, 2009
A GOM (G.O.M) status is a facebook status about ones girlfriend. GOM = Girlfriend over mates.
John "just had a great time with Maisie"
Ted comments: damn your GOM status! Are you still a big fan of Muse?
John comments: Of course! Muse are the best fucking band in the world, mixing contemporary rock with classicaly influnced solos and horribly distorted basslines.
by JackDrews January 28, 2009
A sporey fungi that lives in navel oranges from southern Florida. The disease results in green neck and swollen esophagus.
Mrs. Mische ordered oranges from the FFA and now she is in the hospital because they were infected with GOMS.
by bw93 November 13, 2010
meaning "GET OFF MYSPACE" can be told to any one that has been in myspace for a long time
JAY:Your still on myspace
by marco 123 February 02, 2008
Meaning "GET OFF MYSPACE" short term for if you keep on going on myspace for 2 hours every day you would say GOM!
Juan: Why are you still on myspace??
Jenny: Because i feel like it!
Juan: But you go on every day for 2 hours?
Jenny: So whats your point??
Juan: Bitch GOM!!
Jenny: Okay bye!!
by marco 123 February 02, 2008
another word for game refering to video games see "vid"
yo shutup bro you love gom!
by Vidgommi January 03, 2008
Abbreviation for Get Off Me, usually used by gamers after making a noob move (beginner, bad, or stupid mistake) having the equivalent of my bad, back off, or leave me alone. The full word is used by some gamers in RL as an inside joke.
"Dude, why didn't you snipe that noob, you just let him walk by and frag me, and I dropped the flag."

by Tyler Chaves November 12, 2007

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