Simply means "Get off my screen"
"bald Britney Spears, GOMS!"
by Jesssssssss1 September 03, 2007
Grumpy Old Man. From the TV show of the same name. An older man who enjoys complaining, or finds most things about the world are not as good as they used to be.
Don't be such a GOM.
by bev70 January 09, 2011
Acronym for "Go On My Son!" - an exclamation when a character in real life or fiction attempts, or succeeds, at a heroic task.
When Johnny 5 was trying to catch the bad guy in Short Circuit 2 it was a real GOMS moment.
by OzMills July 17, 2009
To shit ones pants,
Geez kid you need a diaper change you have gommed yourself.
by Crazybull April 27, 2009
v. intr.

1. To act wastefully or foolishly

2. To make a mistake; bungle something.


1. person who acts wastefully or fullishly.
"I'd let Matt give out directions for the party, but he'd gom it up for sure!"
by Jarrod Lowe January 16, 2005
God oh my. Variant of OMG (oh my god).
GOM this test is long!
by xptek December 19, 2004
An amalgamation of the two words "Go" and "Home". A subtle, covert method of implying to a foreigner to return to their country of origin. Usually targeted at ethnics scrounging off the nations governments and those who are detrimental to society.
"Hello Mr Patel, this is Ricky from immigration, would you and your family of 28 living above the local 'Happy Shopper' kindly GOM."
by Akash Barvic Sleeves October 13, 2003
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