The most arrogant sport in existence. Played by old rich white men (and Tiger Woods) in their spare time. Equal only to greveyards in terms of their collossal waste of space that could be used for housing and/or other more productive purposes
golfers are elitist pricks
by jimmyjohnbillybobjones July 23, 2005
A sport created in Scotland that incorporates various clubs and a little white ball and a hell of a lot of land. Golf, in ye olde days was actually an acronym for one of the rules of the sport: Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden. GOLF. Don't believe me? Look it up.

Golf is a sport that takes skill, patience, persistence, and a good way to manage anger by yourself. It can be a sport of great fun, great thinking time, or great stress, depending on mood, skill, and amount of people playing with you.
Golf can be played by anyone that is determined to reach a goal, and about $100 for a shabby set of gear.
by zomgwtflolbbq April 28, 2008
A sport that makes skill, mental strength, and patience as important as strength. Is infurating when you struggle. And amazing when you play well. A well struck golf ball is the purest feeling in the world, and is just enough to keep you coming back for more. You should give it a chance it's worth it. but be careful it has similar effects on you as meth ie: it's addicting
Just go watch tin cup things will make sense it's about golf
by Golfergal1234 July 04, 2013
A sport where old white men can dress like homosexual pimps and no one will care.
Were you in the gay Leprechaun on your sweater that doesn't care on the golf course?
by M4s73r ch33f April 23, 2010
of superior quality to anything in comparison, to diminish everything it is compared to.
Whoa... that's so golf.
by lukehodges August 03, 2010
The best sport ever created, for two main reasons

1. Its next to impossible to get hurt playing it, and requires extreme skill and precision to play (anyone who thinks different has never played it and cant)
2. It is the ONLY!!! sport that you can play for 3/4's of your life, people from the age of 8 up to 70 can play.
"Hey charlie wanna go play some golf?" "Sure grandpa!!"
by The only trustworthy man alive September 04, 2011
A "sport" often played by non athletic boys who play it to call themselves athletes, and crotchety old men who are trying to escape their dead end marriages. These men often play in foursomes while drinking beer and spend 30 minutes on each hole and keep everyone else from having fun as they chop the ball around and will not let anyone play through.
Bill played golf because he got tired of beating up his wife and wanted to go get wasted and piss people off at the local country club. even though he sucks at golf, he acts like he owns the place.
by IMMA MAN December 21, 2009
1) a codeword used by many to describe the act of masturbation or masturbation with pornography

2) a word or codeword used instead of pornographic material

3) the lamest sport...ever
1) bro one: Hey, bro are you going to school today?

bro two: Na, dude i'm golfing all day. By the way, can I borrow some tissues.

2) bro one: (asking the teacher in a joking matter while laughing his ass off) Do you enjoy golf?

Teacher: (answering without any suspicion) Yes, I golf very frequently. It really helps me blow off some steam.

-(class of kids crack up)

3) bro one: Dude let's go golfing today, I got a new club.

bro two: Golf? Why don't you grow a pair and watch football like a normal guy, Queer!
by Big T and the Boyz May 16, 2012

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