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The act of peeing on a very large and hairy man.
Jeff just received a golden bear from Sally.
by Thor09 January 22, 2007
Best bar in Sacramento
I was drinking @ the Golden Bear when a cougar attacked me.
by Raul Duke April 22, 2005
Similar to a golden shower only involving taking a dump.
I gave that bitch a golden bear on her face.
by Cincy December 04, 2007
A gay man who is stocky and hairy is referred to as a bear. A man with similar features but blonde hair is a golden bear.
"That husky, hairy blonde guy is a golden bear" bear
by G-FRY July 28, 2009
Jack Nichalus, some old golfer guy who plays in senior competitions and lends his name to videogames.
Golden bear 386 for Mac
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 06, 2004
One who is talented at the game of football yet dumb as a box of rox in other catagories.
Yo, he's the golden bear fo shizzle man, just wish he had some real brizzains.
by Bzak October 06, 2003