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Best bar in Sacramento
I was drinking @ the Golden Bear when a cougar attacked me.
by Raul Duke April 22, 2005
Similar to a golden shower only involving taking a dump.
I gave that bitch a golden bear on her face.
by Cincy December 04, 2007
Jack Nichalus, some old golfer guy who plays in senior competitions and lends his name to videogames.
Golden bear 386 for Mac
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 06, 2004
A gay man who is stocky and hairy is referred to as a bear. A man with similar features but blonde hair is a golden bear.
"That husky, hairy blonde guy is a golden bear" bear
by G-FRY July 28, 2009
The act of peeing on a very large and hairy man.
Jeff just received a golden bear from Sally.
by Thor09 January 22, 2007
One who is talented at the game of football yet dumb as a box of rox in other catagories.
Yo, he's the golden bear fo shizzle man, just wish he had some real brizzains.
by Bzak October 06, 2003
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