The wonderful feeling you get after consuming a large amount of Goldschlager, a cinamin schnaps drink that contains real 24k gold chips inside of the drink.
Gold rush this weekend?

Hell yeah.
by Chris Haas November 08, 2005
Top Definition
towards the end of school/university, everyone in the year that you normally walk past and have a groin clench/minge twinge as you walk past, you now have the confidence to try it on with, on the basis that you wont be seeing them next year.
J: Its nearly the end of term. Have you got your gold rush list ready?
A: Mate, not only have i got my list ready i've got my soundtrack, its Kanye West:Power, so motivational!

It was like a gold mine in there, everyone from our year was there and they were all up for some. I gold rushed the shit out of {insert name} and boy did i strike gold (ker-ching!)

Walked past {insert name} and had the biggest minge twinge/groin clench, as it was gold rush season i thought why not, and gold rushed them till i struck gold.
by WeeWilly April 27, 2011
A tiny squirt of pee in your pants from laughing too hard.
That was so funny I got li'l gold rush.
by Woah woah WOAH October 27, 2006
when a man or woman undertakes too much anal sex and can no longer control when they poo. This results in a constant stream of fecal matter coming from their asshole.
me and jane had so much fun last night, shame about the bedsheets this morning, must have caused a bit of goldrush.
by sandy123noodle November 16, 2008
After ingestging copious amounts of vitamin B, you fill a ribbed condom with your now-DayGlo urine then place it in the freezer until nearly solid. You then proceed to sodomize your lover with this makeshift dildo, covertly tearing the tip open before inserting it into the orifice of your choice. When your partner's body heat inevitably thaws the urine inside and a golden geyeser erupts from her vagina or anus, you yell "Eureka!" as you withdraw the empty, dripping condom and slap her with it, and then she wants some more.
I have to get a new mattress this weekend because my boyfriend surprised me with a Gold Rush last night, and now it's soaking wet and smells like pee! I might keep it in a back room though, because I think I want some more.
by soksniffer August 08, 2010
A strain of marijuana resembling plant found exculsively on Lyall avenue. (Toronto On)
Yo, I got some dank wanna buy it?
No way man thats gold rush, where'd u get it Lyall?
by reinprecht October 09, 2007
A rush of people interested in dating East Asians
Guy 1: Dude, check them out! I just found a gold mine!
Guy 2: You're into Asian girls...?
Guy 1: Yeah man. They're hott.
Guy 2: You're such a gold miner...
Guy 3: What's wrong with Asian girls? They're the best.
Guy 2: Nothing. I'm just not attracted to them.
Guy 4: I can't believe you're not interested in Asians.
Guy 2: What the crap?! Is this a gold rush???
by Scotty Shaw March 04, 2008
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