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towards the end of school/university, everyone in the year that you normally walk past and have a groin clench/minge twinge as you walk past, you now have the confidence to try it on with, on the basis that you wont be seeing them next year.
J: Its nearly the end of term. Have you got your gold rush list ready?
A: Mate, not only have i got my list ready i've got my soundtrack, its Kanye West:Power, so motivational!

It was like a gold mine in there, everyone from our year was there and they were all up for some. I gold rushed the shit out of {insert name} and boy did i strike gold (ker-ching!)

Walked past {insert name} and had the biggest minge twinge/groin clench, as it was gold rush season i thought why not, and gold rushed them till i struck gold.
by WeeWilly April 27, 2011

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