Incredibly awesome or amazing. Often used to describe music or clothing from the 80's. Associated with Ultimate Frisbee and accompanied by 'pound'. Derived from Gold Bond Powder.
Hey bayybeh, that hit you had last period on the ice before you got benched was Gold.
by denehy May 16, 2003
Gold means to maybe has sex get head is it just a sexual refrence.
1: So this weekend I achivied gold status.
2.Damn I got that gold all over her mouth and hair.
3: I get the gold any NEVER pass up an oppertunity.
by goldstatus May 19, 2009
The element from which Jack Black's melodious voice is composed.
Kyle's fingers be silver, Jack's voice then be gold...
by sbs December 15, 2005
Really cool and useful info in a magazine or book and also really good things you like are "gold"
"This fact is gold!"
by Tom June 08, 2004
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