a metal that has a melting point of 1337 kelvin
gold is 1337!
#1337 #leet #metal #shiny #precious
by wecl0me12 October 21, 2009
laughing out loud but in a mild sense.

a giggle

giggled out loud.
..." yea his pants fell down it wasn't too funny but i still gol'd a little bit."
#giggled out loud #gold #lol #funny #gol'd
by BStuck July 05, 2009
Marlboro Lights, named for the coloring of the package. As in full flavored ones are Reds, Ultra-lights = Platinums.
Guy 1: "Man, you got any Reds? I really need a smoke."
Guy 2: "Nah man, I don't smoke those cowboy killers. I only smoke Golds."
#reds #platinums #marlboro lights #gold #cigarettes
by iHeartApples March 08, 2009
Def 1: A type of precious metal. Many types of jewlery such as rings and earrings can be made of gold.

Def 2: The darn sexiest Pokespe ( Pokemon adventures) Character in existence. Known for his large sticky-outty bangs and rebelious behavior, he enjoys pool, and cheating at it. He is also a major pervert, which is shown when he "accidentally" pats Blue's (Green in japanese version) butt.
Reggie pulled out the gold ring. "Lola.....will you marry me?"

Gold pulled out the billiard cue. "Silver....youre gonna die."
#pokespe #pokemon special #pokespecial #silver #pool #billiards
by Desu-Link June 29, 2012
A last name posessed by a large number of jews.
"Hey next time you see Jacob Gold, don't forget to cut his horns off!"
#jew #gold #horns #circumcision #crack
by mysterychef November 16, 2006
A shiny metal
I love Gooollllldd!
by Jeff October 03, 2002
Term used to describe an album being sold more then 100,000 times.
Nickelback's New Album has gone gold
by Stuff March 27, 2005
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