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v. to goldilocks: to try out multiple options or variations, often without paying for any or all of them, until one finds one that is "just right"
She goldilocksed her way around the theater until she found a seat she liked.

He was so, like, goldilocksing through the pants rack and now I have to fold them all.

I've never been here before, so I'll just goldilocks until I find a sweet spot.

After all of the goldilocksing of tracks, he found his favorite song and acquired quite an eclection of music.
by Anthony Sheppard June 23, 2005
114 40
1.A woman who prefers the company of fat, hairy gay men.
2.A fag-hag for bears.
She always hangs out with hairy, fat gay guys, she's a goldilocks.
by computerblue July 08, 2005
68 58
Derogatory slang word used by the more refined English teachers in France. Most often used when giving opinions about ministerial edicts.
What a load of goldilocks.
by foonist66 June 30, 2011
8 11
A good looking fit bird that goes for average boys, instead of popular boys.
Girl 1: Babe, why are you going out with him? You're way too good.
Girl 2: He's perfect <3
Girl 1: Pfft, Goldilocks much?
by Ben.... April 19, 2011
9 12
Verb. To goldilocks is to steal something that doesn't belong to you. Often, it refers to the theft of something left unattended, frequently food or drink.
Hey, who goldilocksed my sandwich? I left it right there!
by Deacon23 September 17, 2010
6 13
Adjective : Describes Something, Such As An Object Or Idea, As "Just Right".
Jessica Biel's ass is Goldilocks, yo. Not too big, not to small, but just right.
by J.W. Henderson November 20, 2007
23 35
You put your dick in a girl's butt but it's too tight
You put you dick in a girls vagina but it's too loose
So, you put your dick in her mouth and it's JUST RIGHT
I hooked up with Pamela once. It was a Goldilocks experience...the first two holes just weren't working
by alittlehart May 04, 2007
21 66