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Functioning as either a noun or a verb, it is acceptable to use in any context to describe an object or place in the physical world, with the exception of a typewriter. In the verb usage, to be "schranked" implies being fucked with to the nth power.
Noun: "I put my schrank in your bait box."
Verb: "Honey, I schranked the kids!"
by sungodRa April 15, 2008
the term for all things small and mammal.
Smammals may include rabbits, squirrels, mice, rats, guinea pigs, etc.
by sungodRa April 24, 2008
similar in meaning to black gold, but instead of referring to crude oil, refers to nacho cheese coming out of the ground.
Person 1: "Have you heard of nacho cheese bubbling out of the ground?"
Person 2: "You mean like 'black gold'?"
Person 1: "No, GOLD gold!"
by sungodRa April 22, 2008
1. the employment of one of Reeve's techniques in a computer strategy game.

2. a Reeve-style move used in picking up a chick.
1. "You used a reevism against my Teutonic knights you bastard!"

2. "See that girl? She's about to be victim of a reevism."
by sungodRa May 01, 2008
to suddenly find yourself dating a girl who was more closely "associated" with a reeve prior to her intimacy with you.
"I totally got reeved in that parking lot last night."
by sungodRa April 30, 2008
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