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cleverly disguised braces for adults with sensitive egos.

also a great way to get gingivitis or lockjaw.
You'll look super fly when you are in a hospital with a tube down your throat and a couple cc's of tetnicide in your veins.
"Gangsta" 1: "Yo I hurd dis nigga in Jersey got Tetnis or sum shit kus dat stupid foo got in a fight wit him gold grillz on. Bitch-ass mofo got hit in tha teeth an bit his own damn tounge. "

"Gangsta" 2: Daaaayuuuuuuum!
by ArrogantAngel June 02, 2009
An idea or suggestion that is obviously destined to not work or have bad outcome.
(usually not obvious to person who thinks of it)
You: "....I'm so bored... what should we do?"

Your dumbass friend: "Let's play soccer with a bowling ball!"

You:" That is probably the most idiotic failosophy I have ever been mentally injured with."
by ArrogantAngel April 16, 2009
A british teenager, a rat brain, an obsession with crap cars, some terrible slang, the hotheadedness of a gladiator with none of the physical capabilites (like at all), and fifty yards of yellow plaid fabric all thrown in God*'s Blender.

*Note: there is no God.

*written by a proud Emo.
A group of chav teens sit on a wall in a park. A four year old girl walks by.
Chav 1: "Oi! You! this is our turf 'ere in da park!"
Little girl: "uhmmm...."
Chav 2:She's talkin' back! Le'ss get 'er!
Other chavs: Fuckin' 'ey!

Reporter: in our local news, a group of teenagers was beaten to death by a small girl near Picadilly Circus. There were no survivors.
by ArrogantAngel April 16, 2009
1) verb: to hit or tap on repeatedly, usually to get attention of some sort.

2) noun: a criminal record, usually accompanied by the word sheet.

3) noun) A crappy genre of music that is basically a random collaboration of rhyming (although rhymes are becoming increasingly unnesecarry) phrases that somehow make the rapper a better person because he/she (usually he) committed a crime or senseless act of violence, went to prison, got dumped or cheated upon, got stoned or high (Usually stoned, I've never heard a rapper on speed or acid),shot someone or something, or otherwise made a bad situation make them look good.
*I have also noticed that gratuitous use of the term "Yo" and bad grammar apparently improve the rap's quality.

4) verb: to do 3.
1) Old man Jenkins rapped on the window, shouting "you stay off my lawn, you hoodlums!"

2) Yes, i need the rap sheet of Hugh Jass, I'm his lawyer.

3)Yo, yestaday I robbed a bank,Yeah,
Yo jus went in wit my Mac 10,
Betta belive it bitch I robbed a bank, yeah
Hell Yeah! dat shit was easy,yeah .

Then i ran out to my ride, yeah,
bust a cap and get inside,
gunna be a wild ride, yeah,
cops'll neva take us alive!,

Yo ditch the cops an went back home, yeah,
me an my homies all got stoned,
but all of our jaws hit tha floor, yeah
when tha cops knocked on mah door.

4) Yo, dat wuz tha best rap I eva did rap.
by ArrogantAngel April 21, 2009
An adjective describing:

1: An idea so utterly stupid/hazardous that it must be done.

2: An idea of a friend's that is so incredibly stupid and will obviously end in embarrassment/injury that you have to watch it be acted out.

3: An action that is a failure of orgasmic proportions.
1: Dumbass guy: "dude, let's shoot some BB guns at these sodas we've been shaking all day."

Other dumbass:"That could be the most failgasmic thing I've ever heard gimmee some BBs"

2: Your buddy jeff: "hey bro im gonna ride this bobsled down 3 flights of stairs!"

You: "That Failosophy is so failgasmic that it would be criminal not to videotape it for my Youtube channel"

3:Something akin to getting expelled from Kindergarten.
by ArrogantAngel April 16, 2009

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