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A word to express general disinterest in one's situation or surroundings. Originally from Winchester College, goive has now spread to some major universities round the country. The word can be added to with both suffixes and prefixes: Mmyagoive and Goivestani
-Aren't you shirking?
-He's going to go mad
-Oh goive
by Nicholas Tate March 08, 2003
It essentially means whatever, or to express a lack of importance. It can be a verb, noun or adjective.
Stop goiving! (not doing anything)
Maths is such a goive subject.
Exercise is such a goive.
#goive #gove #give #giove #manji
by Manjiman April 19, 2010
to be a goive
means a no-one or irrelavant person
Ivor Biggun is a goive
#goive #goived #goivemaster #dont care #don't give a fuck
by Goivetoyourmum March 24, 2006
Word used to describe a fool
"I can't believe Tom ate that fish, he is a total goive"
#fool #idiot #dummy #moron #graham
by anon1356 October 19, 2007
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