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originally coined from a series of real life shootings in the postal service, it now usually means that someone is about to go nuts or off the deep end. the reason for going postal is usually trivial. also, means person on psychiatric meds that is off their pills.
after finding her computer's wallpaper had been changed again, Jane went postal on her fellow workers.
by Foozi100 July 23, 2005
Basicly, "going postal" is pulling a uzi, assault rifle or most any other firearm out from under your jacket and going nuts. That is, wasting anyone and anything you see, and then probably yourself. A bit like going apeshit.
Jim had left another burning paper bag of crap on John's doorstep, so John retaliated by going postal on his ass.
by Johnny The Homicidal Maniac August 19, 2004
When someone gets uncontrollably angry, often to a point of violence, usually in a workplace
After finding out Mark had another hour added to his 4 hour mail delivery shift, He brought a gun into work the next day and was reportedly going postal on fellow workers and customers
by NickBaggss March 04, 2016
Someone who can't stop posting on Facebook.
Dude, I've posted like 5 times today on Facebook, I think I'm going Postal.
by bunnylips November 03, 2011
When you can't afford buying something you really want, and pitch a fit.
Alicia's broke, so she's going postal again....
by Emmi-chan June 17, 2005
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