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3 definitions by Foozi100

originally coined from a series of real life shootings in the postal service, it now usually means that someone is about to go nuts or off the deep end. the reason for going postal is usually trivial. also, means person on psychiatric meds that is off their pills.
after finding her computer's wallpaper had been changed again, Jane went postal on her fellow workers.
by Foozi100 July 23, 2005
a liquor originally known by it's commercials and the slogan, Zomething different. taste is vaguely like flat 7 Up. a rather cheap drink, can be comsumed in masive amounts without the slightest buzz, until you stand up.
wow, she rounded the table with Zima bottles, and she's still fine. just dont ask her to get the door when the pizza arrives...
by Foozi100 July 31, 2005
an import domestic car that has just enough power to get into parking gear. known for faulty ignitions, overheating, and murdering tires even when professionally aligned.
if you want to buy my Chevy Cavalier, go for it. just expect to have your doors blown off by every rice burner with one of those fins on the back..
by Foozi100 July 31, 2005