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A person whom idolizes Gwen Stefani by copying her hairstyles, catch phrases, and clothing.
'Becca is such a gwenabee ever since she got that L.A.M.B. hoodie.
by Emmi-chan June 17, 2005
(Pro:: Gla-Moh-Row-Su) Totally glamourous. To be GLAMOUROSU, you have to have the highest level of trendy style. You are a fashion guru, you are so glamourous! GLAMOUROSU ultimately makes you more fashionalbe than many models can pull off. These days, it's about being totally GLAMOUROSU~
Oh my goodness! Did you see Gwen's new line of clothing?! It was soooo glamourosu!! <3
by Emmi-chan June 20, 2005
A girl who takes things in and forgets them, either letting them go or just ignoring them. She doesn't fight things through.
In the song 'Hollaback Girl', Gwen Stefani won't 'hollaback' to haters who talk trash about her. Instead, she welcomes the challenge with her famous chant.
by Emmi-chan June 17, 2005
When you can't afford buying something you really want, and pitch a fit.
Alicia's broke, so she's going postal again....
by Emmi-chan June 17, 2005
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