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the act of eating someone out or giving someone head.
"Dude, I was going down on my girl today..."
"Oh my god, I was going down on him today and his cum was so nasty"
by sex advice August 08, 2003
An Act of giving oral sex (both in terms of Male and Female)
Yo,Man remember the hooker going down on me!!!!
by Andy March 04, 2005
1) A statement to express that you will destroy, bring down, beat-up, or otheriwse eliminate somone or the affectivness of something

2) Also used less aggressively in a sports setting to notify a person that they are going get beat by being "knocked off their winning pedastal".
Man 1: "Your momma is an ugly ho!"
Man 2 (Just before he punches Man 1): "Dude, your going down!"
by toadcheese February 25, 2004
Short for "going down to the rock." The process in which one takes a significant other to a fire pit at summer camp to make out, while many other couples are there, and counselors periodically go and shine flashlights on everyone.
George: Hey are you gonna ask anyone down tonight?

Alex: Dude, I'm already going down with Charlotte!
by ueiwrdjksnv September 08, 2013
A term commonly used when engaging in sexual intercourse.
I am going down on my girlfriend right now.
by January 10, 2011
and slang term for "whats happining?", "how are we going to do this?", ect.
yo hows this going down
by 187 April 05, 2003
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