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Completing something despite hardships.

Carrying out a task or duty, usually with the connotation that it is arduous in some way.
We thought he wasn't going to make it, but he went the distance.
by dave June 24, 2004
When someone undergoes sexual intercourse without prematurely cumming. This makes them a lot more popular with their girlfriend/wife and overall better in bed.
Bob's girlfriend loved how great he was in bed because he always could go the distance and always came when she did.
by The Chort June 11, 2004
completing the job
1. staying married to the same person 'til death do you part."He was always faithful to me, going the distance, sticking with me 'til he died"

2. mounting a woman without cumming until she has had a chance to cum."I like fucking Jake, at least he is capable of going the distance 'til I get off."
by Jake March 05, 2004
Proceeding with a particular course of action from beginning to end with unwaivering resolve.
"Oh! Ah! Oh yeah baby! Oh, OH! Go the distance baby! Ohhh! Ohhhhh! AHHHH! OH YEAH! AH AH AHhhhhhhhh......."
by retro January 22, 2004
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