Goggle or Goggle.com is a website that typosquats users from "Google.com". It is known to load spyware and malware on your computer.
N00b: -types in "goggle.com" instead of "google"-
Computer: -starts having a BSOD-
N00b: -starts crying-
by Psudonym1212 June 22, 2009
Something you put on figuratively when you go to a place with very low quality women for an extended period of time. The goggles change the apparent attractiveness of the women based on a relative scale, sort of like a curve on a test. So if a 6 is the best around, she starts looking like a 10 and a 4 will start looking like a 7 or 8. A girl who at first appears tore up from the floor up will eventually improve to nothing to write home about as the goggles set in. It's an altered state of perception.
When Will first came to UC-Berkeley and saw all the nappy-dreaded hippie beast women the school had to offer, he thought he'd never find anything to beat up. But eventually, after the goggles finally took effect, he found himself bringing home a new swamp donkey every night and loving every minute of it.
by Nick D August 18, 2004
A term used in the West Indies & other Caribbean islands that means giving head, blow job, etc.
"Gal yuh never goggle,Yuh never goggle suh him caan tell him friend nuttin" Tanya Stephens.

The song jus says don't give a guy head because he will talk about you later, he won;t respect you, etc.
by island mamaz January 14, 2009
v. To look at a problem and think up a solution; to come up with a date, name, etc. based on one's personal store of acquired knowledge.

I find this problem to be vexacious! I think I'll Google it.

No no. I'll goggle it. It'll be quicker and I'll get to lord it over you.

by gnostic1 January 30, 2012
Placing your scrotum over an unsuspecting person's eyes, making it seem as if they are wearing goggles.
Angela was passed out drunk last night, so I pulled out my sack and gave her goggles.
by Air MarcGyver August 12, 2003
This is another funny word for big glasses.
Hey, did you see that comic at the club last night?

Yeah, his GOGGLES were ridiculous haha
by thebigwan March 04, 2015
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