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1 definition by lilkitty

a man in tights who loves plays who is a ex member of zz top and dances like hobos has a weenie pouch in his hat who goes around telling little kids hobo's cant afford cable and saying hes superman stealing their clothes and uses it as a cape hen honk at people like he is a moose then smacks rthere bootyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy/shit hole a common item they ware is a llama dick on their fore head yet they are awesome little vienna sausages
"mommy im sad"said chuck norris
" why chuckypoooi"his gramma/lover replied
"that gnome just told me you cant aford cable"chuck norris said
"well duh im a hobo from hobo1can oh darling your sexy naked"grammy said
Duh grammma he took my clothes and did what you do after you get a inner butt masage 'im superman' and take my clothes"said chucky
"well i love your dick"said a store keeper
"well he took my chuck norris pajamas"waa he said
"i hate gnomes"they all said including you
by lilkitty July 10, 2008