PRONOUNCED >> guh-nome
Acronym for "GNU Network Object Model Environment"
Released under GPL license

A desktop environment (NOT A WINDOW MANAGER) for the X11 graphical interface. Commonly used on Linux systems with XFree86 and xorg. Using the GTK+ library.

Gnome was started by Miguel de Icaza and Federico Mena in August 1997. Gnome is now a popular desktop interface based mainly on the idea of "simplicity" and ease.

Desktop: nautilus
File Manager: nautilus
Window Manager: metacity or sawfish
Menu: gnome-panel
Gnome 2.8 is now available on Fedora Core 3 and Ubuntu Warty Warthog everyone!

My sister uses Gnome for her X session.
by tsphan November 26, 2004
Small bearded figures (always male)made of wood or ceramic materials, usually found in the homes and gardens of Bag Ladies, Bus Drivers, and Tooks alike. Gnomes have become iconic symbols to middle aged Women and Men as representations of phallic objects; as a result of this the term "gnoming" has been coined when referencing the desire to receive or bestow phallic penetration. Also used commonly in the past tense i.e. "gnomed"
a woman might say, "what do I have to do to get a good "gnoming?"

a man might say, "so last night, I finally
"gnomed" that girl I've been dating."
by Sheep FeverDog February 28, 2009
1) A very small creature. Usually placed on lawns hence Lawn Gnomes. 2) Expression said when identifying an elf with a huge penis, can be drawn on paper
Me: -places gnome drawn on paper near Nick's desk-
Me: Gnome!
Nick: Elf with Big Dick!
Mr. Wisler: Gimme that. (stuffs in pocket)
Later in the teacher planning room:
Mr. Wisler: -wanks off the piece of paper-
by P huNgy November 18, 2003
the one race in WoW EVERYONE hates, whether Alliance or Horde
went to stormwind yesterday, stupid gnome n00b asked me for all my gold. i /ignored the bitch and told him to kiss my purple night elf ass.
by Amalja April 12, 2011
The opposite of a troll in an online community. While a troll looks for attention and chaos, gnomes work quietly in the background fixing things. They usually frequent forums or wikis, organizing information and fixing errors.
1. I changed Sarah Jessica Parker's picture on wikipedia to a horse, but some gnome fixed it before I could show anyone.

2. I never know where to post new topics, I just stick them somewhere random and the gnomes come and put them where they belong.
by Gnominus March 28, 2013
people who live under corn fields in Michigan. Like midgets only smaller. They abducted kline and use the travelocity guy as a coverup. Until Kline came along, Rick was their leader.
"What just grabbed my foot?"
"That would be a gnome."
by Cjhat July 24, 2008
Evil alliance race in World of Warcraft (best MMO ever) that are too hard to click and therefore... suck.
Freakin gnome and their small size, my 60 rogue can't kill the level 40 gnome warrior! ARGG!
by SpikeMinoda July 12, 2005
a Justin....a small kid who goes to PV and has a big attitude...this ones for u man
look theres gnome!
by muahaha92 March 18, 2009

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