a ginger black man
person 1: Is that black guy a ginger?
person 2: Yeah, he is a gnigger.
person 1: what the fuck, whats that?
person 2: a person who is black.. and a ginger.. gnigger.
by plastkopp September 29, 2014
Noun. A person of high moral character. An upstanding member of society. EX. A gnigger was selected to run for office.

Gniggering. Verb. The process by which you elevate yourself in your community EX. His gniggering paid off and soon he was sitting on the City Concil.

Gniggerly. Adjective. In a high moral fashion. EX. His gniggerly attitude is why he was select for his position on the board.

Gniggered. Adverb. To effect in a way that is upstanding. EX. He drove his Escalade in a gniggered way.
EX. A gnigger was selected to run for office.
by Libertarian Supreme October 31, 2013
To floss ones teeth.
Sam had gniggered his teeth twice a day, once when he woke up and once right before he went to bed.
by nooneimportantt May 10, 2008
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