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1. A term used by many people in a situation where they lose their job because their company would rather hire a mexican and pay them less.

2. a phrase in wich people who are tired of seeing their country taken over by mexicans would most likely say.
pedro: Hola chico.
Bob: -_- go back to mexico!
by nooneimportantt May 10, 2008
A person who is often found doing drugs, stealing from hobos,cursing, and not paying their library dues.

Librarian: excuse me sir, you've taken out 25 books in the past week and have not returned them yet.
gnegro: what're you gonna do about it?
librarian: well sir, we recommend that you pay your late fees and return the books as soon as possible.
gnegro: you ***** son of a ***** ****!
by nooneimportantt May 12, 2008
Food made entirely from the people of the town Hamburg.
we people of Hamburg - we Hamburgers.
by nooneimportantt May 10, 2008
I Hate garden gnomes, gniggers!
I hate gnomes, gniggers.
by nooneimportantt May 11, 2008
1. People who help the people of Hamburg.
2. lettuce.
1.person who lives in the town of hamburg: Bob sure is nice for helping me mow my lawn = hamburger helpers.

2. I made a salad of hamburger helpers.
by nooneimportantt May 10, 2008
To floss ones teeth.
Sam had gniggered his teeth twice a day, once when he woke up and once right before he went to bed.
by nooneimportantt May 10, 2008

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