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An expression that may be used in nearly every social situation that arises.

This is a term that in all occasions should be kept away from significant others. Period.
Jay: "I have homework."
Landon: "Hup?"

Andy: "We're going to vegas!"
Anthony: "Hup Hup!"

Travis: "There's been a terrible accident."
Chris: "Hup."

Billy: "Then, we can pitch a tent."
Jordan: "Hup! Hup! Ho!"

This phrase can also be used in a choral-form. For example, one may begin with exclaiming "hup!" while another chimes in and contributes "Hup!" or "Ho!"

Jordan: "Hup!"
Anthony: "Hup! Ho!"
by BlueLine Hockey May 24, 2007
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To "Get Inside" of something, or to "get on" something.

To stand up with speed

to jump over something.

Usually accompanied with "Get in there" and then a pronoun.
Player: Coach, can you play me, ive been benched all season

Coach: Hup, get in there boy!

"I was riding my skateboard and then...hup, i was over that ledge boy
by Anthonydoom June 20, 2009
v. to trick someone or make them the butt of a joke
Michael: dude, I just pushed Steve out of a fourth story window while he was putting his khakis on.
Thomas: Oh, you sure hupped him!

Person 1: I like ice cream (while licking ice cream cone)
Person 2: I'm gonna hup you good. (slaps ice cream out of his hand and onto ground)
Person 2: How did you like that hot serving of hup cakes?
by Ooder May 07, 2009
Short for hit you up, which means to get in contact with.
I'm heading out for a while, I'll hup when I get back.
by Chris Zapp July 24, 2012
short for Heads up.
Buddy: Hey that slut is easy, go for it.
Me: Thanks for the h'up.
by RellikPD September 21, 2009
When you throw a piece of smooshed cheese at a wall/ceiling, you must say this word.
(now throw the cheese, pre-smooshed)
vt. cause a server to restart with a new configuration. To generally restart a machine.

(from the UNIX IPC signal, SIGHUP)
"Did you HUP the fridge, the beer is getting warm?"
by mainframe October 31, 2003

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