Anything And Everything thats Is Awesome In Every Possible Way
Dude Go Grab Your Deck And Lets Go Shred The Gnar

The Band GnarKill Is Playing It Should Be Good

My Teacher Put Gnar On My Paper Thats Higher Than 100 Right?
by KillerPooMuffin October 15, 2008
anything you can, and indefinitely will shred. (waves, snow, ect.)
WOW! Look at that cliff drop brah!

Yeeah brah, that's the gnar.
by sands in o August 31, 2008
acronym for Gaffney's Numerical Assessment of Radness, used when skiing
terrain is very gnarly if it has a high gnar quotient
by mattxcv November 27, 2005
1. A word that means ridiculous or cool. SO crazy that gnar is the only word that could be used.

2. ALso the word could mean so disgusting that gnar is the only word that could be used.
1. yoo dude that fukcin board sesh was so gnarr.!

2. holy shit that fukcin drunk bitch in the bathroom ralphin everywehre was soo gnarr.
by Fanella December 03, 2007
Gnar is an abstract concept for the shredding of awesome shit. It also means to very cool or some would say gnarly.
Billy-"Dude, the gnar is gonna be shredded today."
Jimmy-"That's pretty gnar."
by Freeman Morgan November 19, 2014
A slang term used on the West Coast to describe Crystal Methamphetamine's.
Where's the gnar at?
by Johnson n' Johnson December 31, 2012
Just a cool way of saying gnarly.. which means 'out there.' Or mega.
Usually used by skaters/surfers.
person1: Hey, can you come skate on Tuesday?

person2: Nahh, man, I gotta go to my grandma's birthday party tomorrow.

person1: Whoah! That sucks G-nar ass!
by eccentricity768 July 07, 2009

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