nasty, gnarley, disgusting, pretty much anything you wouldnt wanna touch/eat/smell/look at.

pronounced: narss
"damn..this ham is gnars"
"damn..your mom is gnars"

girl: ohmahhgawd that guy is soo hott
other girl: i dunno, he looks pretty gnars to me.
by caitlynisawesome April 04, 2007
a word of many meanings. mainly good. used in many if not all extreme sports. like DH mountain biking. a big jmp/gap could be described as gnar. or some steep savage course cold be some savage gnar. or for most sports a good day could be gnar. gnar has also replaced 'sick' in many contexts. sick in the ear could now be said as gnar in the ear. or even sick to the gnar
ahh that gap was gnar in the teeth!
by plumstick13 April 03, 2010
onomatopoeia that is the equivalent to a growl.

synonymous with rawr
shark goes Gnar!

bear goes Rawr
by 001001110 March 10, 2014
Short form of the word Gnarley Used as a word of encouragement as if to say "right on", "awesome" etc.
Person one: Bro, I just found a hundred dollar bill on the sidewalk!
Person two: Gnar!
Person one: I met two chicks at the bar last night and we had a threesome!
Person two: Gnar!
by Mad Lols March 07, 2011
a moment of extreme indecision and lazyness that results in no action being taken.
"gnarrrrr, i wanna leave and get food but i'm too lazy
by twain3067 July 05, 2009
Gnar, contrary to popular belief, is the liquid form of pure awesomness.
1.Todd is so awesome that he gushes gnar.
2. The scent of gnar is hanging in the air.
4. There is much gnar to be gushed.
5. Welcome to gnar town.
6. It's gnar time!
7. Bring your gnar? 'Cuz I brought mine!
by Insanus Maximus Groovitus May 31, 2009
Gnar represents a feeling, when someone around you, a stranger or a friend, is behaving in a way that is making you feel ashamed for them.
Star Wars kid is such a gnar!

by al3ct4 February 27, 2009

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