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gnaf (pronounced: guh-naf)is an acronym for a popular social game. the g is for get. the n is for naked. the a is for and. the f is for fuck. so when put together, gnaf is "get naked and fuck". the rules are simple and self-explanatory. this game was invented by the mihir, and made famous through several lunchtimes, asian gatherings, sleepovers, and classes. keep your eyes open and your pants off because this game is coming soon to a cotillion near you.
awkward silence




"So, erm, ladies, how about we play a little GNAF?"
by the mihir September 21, 2005
A verb meaning "hang out" or "chill".
"Hey Joe, we need to gnaf this weekend."

"I can't say 'hang out' or 'chill' in my essay, and I can't find any synonyms!"
"Use 'gnaf' man. It's like the only one-word synonym for it."
#hang out #chill #chillax #go out with #do stuff with
by TheMacko October 22, 2006
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