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gml = Game Maker Language
gml is a programming language made by Mark Overmars.
"I code cool games in gml."
by Peeter1000 September 19, 2008
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Get On My Level
Dude I got to my 10th prestige in Call of Duty." "Dude I'm on my 100th already, GML.
by aj123456 September 26, 2010
Get on My Level, often said to those inferior to step up their game to attain your level of status
"how do you do that??"

"GML, why don't you sit down and take some notes."
by thelorax11 November 20, 2011
got me like
school gml....
by $wagma$ter21 May 20, 2015
Gym-gotta workout
Murder- gotta kill someone
Laundry- gotta wash your clothes after murdering someone.
Man, I gotta go GML so I can go kill this douchebag.
by fuckyou72 July 15, 2011
"Gag my life"
syn. "fuck my life" or "fml"
"I just lost a game of chess to a semi-cute guy, gml."
by Jody Bearmountain March 10, 2012
the act of gay man love
"that was hot"

"yea it was the best gml ever."
by notlarz May 25, 2005

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