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When someone is in a bathroom stall, and you throw rounds of wet paper towel into the bathroom stall directed at the occupant. The bombardment works better when a group of participants each throw the wet paper towel together, thus smothering the occupant inside the stall. Some may miss, but the majority will hit the occupant.
"guys, kevin is taking a dump. everyone, grab some tissue and wet it under the sink, we are about to bathroom smother him.."
by thelorax11 December 13, 2011
Get on My Level, often said to those inferior to step up their game to attain your level of status
"how do you do that??"

"GML, why don't you sit down and take some notes."
by thelorax11 November 20, 2011
Stands for Profile Picture, used as an adjective, noun, or verb.

(n) A profile picture
(v) to make a picture a profile picture
(adj) worthy material to be a profile picture, usually a picture of great quality and worth
Yo, can you take a picture of me? i wanna pp it.

you should pp that picture of that time you went skydiving

when are you going to change your pp? i dont like it
by thelorax11 November 27, 2011

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