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"Glueballing" refers to the practice of applying hair gel to the penis and pubic hair prior to intercourse. The result is that both parties become "stuck" to each other at the point of genital contact. Those who engage in this practice either find the act of getting "stuck" directly pleasurable, or they indirectly take sexual pleasure from the painful sensation of genital adhesion.
After our hot glueballing session, we basically had to pry ourselves apart.
by honcho03 December 06, 2007
Derived from a pilot "The Hairy Situation". Mistook from an advertisement for Garnier Hair gel. It is when, during the act of sexual intercourse, the male puts on the gel and actively does it. Then about 4 minutes later the gel dries and the penis becomes stuck in the vagina.
My friend did glue-balling last year and was in the hospital for three whole months!

by Matthew Ung April 21, 2008

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