Glove, abbreviation for Gay Love.
A homosexual who is the good/best friend of a heterosexual of the opposite sex.
eg. Jane loves John. John is gay. Jane and John are bestfriends. John is Jane's Glove.
by Ali-P September 16, 2005
The most awesome of awesome, the pure essence of awesome it's self. If this is you, you are The Don.
Glove, that was awesome.
by Mordecai Jhons March 19, 2008
obsessive stroking of the penis with the hand, until climax
"she gave me glove so hard i got a rash" , "i was lookin for some dome, all i got was glove." , "i pushed that bitch down, looking for some dome, all i got was glove."
by TYLER WITT August 08, 2007
Do you like nitrile gloves, rubber gloves, latex gloves, winter gloves, and collect gloves? Gloves make you ejaculate milk.
Hey, that's my glove bitch!
by December 02, 2003
Something that will protect you when you are typoing and ur fingers are cold
the blah glove hadsfjdsaklfjlasjfd
by Poopy Pooperson May 02, 2005
something that is good, or you are happy about
damm yo, i got 3 free periods a day this schedule is definetly glove
by jOlT December 10, 2003
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