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The art of giving glove lightshows. :')
Shit... Ha-Ha and Yoshie just did a tag-team lightshow for me. I was just melting.. They're some fuckin experts at gloving. PLUR!
by ssstaxxx July 14, 2010
Inserting a beer or other alcoholic beverage into a glove or similarly innocent object for the purpose of inconspicuous consumption. Frequently used at public activities to dodge open container, public intoxication and underaged drinking laws.
Kevin: Dude, why are you drinking out of that glove?

Chris: So that cop over there doesn't arrest me for an open container violation. It's called gloving.
by cosmo November 03, 2006
when a bromance takes on a new level of intimacy and becomes gay-loving.

differences between a bromance and gloving include are subtle. in a celebration, a bro might SLAP another's ass. two men gloving might SQUEEZE the other's ass. Basically, more touchy than a bromance.
examples include:
two guys stage kissing, GLOVING
constant feeling and squeezing of the other man's breasts (moobs) and areas. GLOVING
by Grkoz September 03, 2011

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