A single loud and disturbing report from the anus; a loud wet fart resulting in skid-marks on your shorts. (From Hustler magazine cartoon).
GLLORrrrPppp! Hey, you better check your shorts...
by DT December 21, 2004
Top Definition
A Person that strives to pursue created wants, and achieve added value in paradigm shifting private sector jobs.
That ex-fraternity member, Lance Bibson, he sure is a glorp.
by steve h flavas May 08, 2003
a cool word to yell to help you vent your frustration
whoever you're dating:im leaving you you:GLORP!
#shit #damn #fuck #damnit #hell #bitch #comunist fool
by nick mertens March 30, 2007
A substance made in fifth-grade science class by combining corn starch and water, which reacts like a solid sometimes and like a liqid other times. Either that, or a delicious snack involving yogurt with Cheerios in it, I can't remember which.
Golly, this glorp sure is delicious!
#yucky stuff #gook #wierd lumpy stuff #slime #solid #liquid
by tr3eman9 March 31, 2007
A chubby vagina so disgusting you would swear it could take a dump.
Man, I knew this chick has poundage, but her glorp was so nasty I couldn't find the hole!
by Gdogg January 25, 2005
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